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Boadi Moore

Boadi Moore is an award-winning author, adventurer, and free-spirited Bohemian ‘Granny’ who, now in her 60s, translates her lived experiences into healing books for women.   It was her difficult, toxic four-decade-long marriage that ultimately led her to a powerful realization: that she needed to walk away in search of a more authentic, joyous life.  

In 2019, Boadi set out to find a new way of living, with no idea how she would achieve her goal. But through sheer determination and the support of friends and strangers alike, she found the courage to take the first step on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

It was during COVID Boadi travelled solo along the East Coast of Australia, shedding old ways of thinking and breaking down the barriers that once held her back, discovering new opportunities and tools to help her grow and thrive.

Boadi has authored two impactful books in her journey so far. “Women Going Sober: An Empowerment Guide for Women Going Alcohol-Free and Embracing Being a Non-Drinker” delves into the unique struggles women face when trying to overcome alcohol addiction. Boadi takes us on a raw and unflinching journey through her own battles with alcohol. She keeps it real about the struggles women face when trying to quit the bottle. She interviews women from Gen Zers to Baby Boomers who have battled addiction and come out on top. With searing honesty and poignant prose, she explores the pain points that so many women face on their own paths to recovery – the feelings of shame, isolation, and self-doubt that can make it difficult to stay the course.

In her latest book titled “Healing Your Attachment Wounds: A Guide to Healing What’s Hidden in Your Attachment Styles and Relationships”, Boadi tackles a super sensitive subject: our attachment issues. She digs deep to break down how these wounds form, how they affect us, and how we can heal ourselves. She even gets personal by sharing her own attachment struggles. The author presents a comprehensive guide for reframing our perceptions and understanding the positive and negative attributes of our attachment style, and how we can create a roadmap toward healing. By integrating our childhood trauma, we can break free from limiting patterns and gain the strength to build healthier bonds in the future. True integration gives us the power to embrace love and nurture the connections we hold dear.

Boadi remains a deeply empathetic person, always seeking to connect with others and offering them the support they need to find their own paths to healing. Whether she is spending time with her grandchildren or exploring the world around her, Boadi is always looking for new ways to inspire and uplift the people she meets. Indeed, for Boadi, this journey is only beginning, and the best is yet to come.

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