Rethinking Your Drinking Habits

An Empowerment Guide for Women Going Alcohol-Free, Embracing Being a Non-Drinker 

Whether you are in recovery, supporting someone in recovery, or simply looking for a source of inspiration and strength to rethink your drinking habits, “Women Going Sober” is a book that will TOUCH YOUR HEART and leave you feeling empowered and uplifted.

From the pain of addiction and the shame of seeking help to the joys of self-discovery and the power of community an­­d sisterhood, “Women Going Sober” is a book that celebrates the resilience and courage of women who refuse to be defined by their past mistakes.

Award-winning author Boadi Moore presents the evidence of the damaging impact of alcohol on the body, specifically on female bodies.  Not only physically, but also socially and mentally.

In this first book in The Sisterhood Series, Boadi Moore offers different TOOLS and TECHNIQUES for women to use as they navigate the ups and downs of sobriety, including the powerful technique of REFRAMING

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Reframing Your Attachment Style and Relationships

Do you feel like unhealthy relationships have held you back from realizing your potential as an adult?  Do negative, unhealed wounds shape your current interactions and leave you feeling misunderstood?

Many women don’t have secure attachment styles, which impacts adult behavior. By identifying and addressing attachment scars, we can more authentically improve the way we develop positive relationships in life.

If you’re a woman struggling with codependent behavior, addiction, anxiety, intimacy, or other trauma, former attachment wounds are molding your current experiences. Negative attachments, obsessions, and lack of trust no longer need to dominate or destroy your connections with others.

With a thorough examination and understanding of attachment, you can learn to more genuinely bridge a healthy relationship between yourself and others.

Healing Our Attachment Wounds” by award-winning author Boadi Moore offers insightful, candid, and personal connections to help her readers quickly and effectively realize their healing potential.

new book - healing your attachment wounds: a guide to healing what's hidden in your attachment style and relationships by Boadi Moore

A Word from the Author

Boadi Moore writes inspirational self-help healing books for women, merging neuroscience, storytelling, spirituality, and the transformative art of reframing, delving deep into the heart of women’s experiences across generations.

Boadi Moore, an awarding-winning author and spirited wanderer, was once trapped in a toxic marriage that spanned four decades. Emerging resiliently from her lengthy, unhealthy marriage, Boadi, in her 60s, courageously ventured into a realm of self-discovery and healing.

Boadi has authored two impactful books in her healing journey so far.

Boadi Moore
Author and Speaker.
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