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Women Going Sober – My Book Dedication

Our Sisterhood of Support

women going sober book covers

Raw and Inspiring Stories

I dedicate my first book –WOMEN GOING SOBER: An Empowerment Guide for Women Going Alcohol-Free and Embracing Being a Non-Drinker– to the women who are desperately seeking a healing pathway to sobriety or perhaps want to get a handle on their life by minimizing their drinking.

WOMEN GOING SOBER is for all the beautiful souls whom I interacted with and, where I could, supported to better understand the personal struggles alcohol addiction inflicts and the toll it exacts.

This easy-to-follow, enlightening guide is part of The Sisterhood Series written by women, for women with a focus on healing. It contains strong female perspectives of women who are finding their way on the path to sobriety.

In this, the first book, I share how I fell into the habit of drinking heavily.  How everywhere I turned, someone I loved or cared deeply for had this self-harming relationship with alcohol – be it a daughter, a mother, a sister, a girlfriend, and of course my own journey to healing.

You will find raw, inspiring stories of what it took these women to get sober. Because, as this book will show the evidence of the damaging impact of alcohol on the body, specifically on female bodies, is there!

As a thank you, for a short time, I’ve made this book FREE to download on KINDLE.

I hope you will find WOMEN GOING SOBER worthy of your time and spur you to leave a review on AMAZON.

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This truly is the best time for your alcohol-free journey to begin!

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