Healing Your Attachment Wounds

Book 2 - The Sisterhood Series

Healing What's Hidden in Your Attachment Style and Relationships

Do you feel like unhealthy relationships have held you back from realizing your potential as an adult? Do negative, unhealed wounds shape your current interactions and leave you feeling misunderstood?

Many women don’t have secure attachment styles, which impacts adult behavior. By identifying and addressing attachment scars, we can more authentically improve the way we develop positive relationships in life.

If you’re a woman struggling with codependent behavior, addiction, anxiety, intimacy, or other trauma, former attachment wounds are molding your current experiences. Negative attachments, obsessions, and lack of trust no longer need to dominate or destroy your connections with others.

It’s time to reframe your attachment styles once and for all so you can heal, create personal independence, and establish successful relationships.

With a thorough examination and understanding of attachment, you can learn to more genuinely bridge a healthy relationship between yourself and others.

We build strong and thriving interpersonal relationships by learning how to comprehend our past and mend any damage caused by negative attachments. In this second book of The Sisterhood Series, author Boadi Moore offers insightful, candid, and personal connections to help readers quickly and effectively realize their healing potential.

Inside “Healing Our Attachment Wounds” by award-winning author Boadi Moore, you’ll discover:

  • How attachment styles impact individuals far into adulthood
  • Ways to understand which attachment styles connect most to your life
  • Raw and relatable stories that highlight how women can learn to let go of negative attachments
  • Strategies to explore and resolve negative parental attachment
  • Methods to detach from childhood trauma
  • Techniques to identify and heal toxic attachments
  • Ideas for reframing personal boundaries and communication
  • Unique and constructive self-care routines to begin celebrating you!

Plus, you’ll receive ideas for sharing your story of attachment and healing.

While the past shapes our behaviors and interactions with others, attachment wounds don’t have to impede our ability to succeed in the present.  True integration of our wounds gives us the power to embrace love and nurture the connections we hold dear.

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It doesn’t hurt so much to write down in words my story now that I have the tools to lay down this trauma. But it does powerfully hold up a mirror to where pieces of us — as women — fall away.

Boadi Moore
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